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Advantages of room fragrance with REIMA ® AirConcept

Scent marketing increases sales, image and working atmosphere

Scent marketing is an impressive tool and we are the specialist for professional room scenting in your company! With REIMA AirConcept you can design the ambience of your rooms exactly as you want.

A pleasant scent is part of a harmonious concept. With our room scents you can create an atmosphere that increases sales, image and well-being. Because if your customers feel good, they stay longer and buy noticeably more. An investment that pays off!

We make sure that all raw materials are carefully selected. In our in-house laboratory, we only use pure food flavors, essential oils and high-quality perfume oils. Quality Made in Germany that meets all requirements.

Discover the world of professional room fragrance and experience the impact that fragrance marketing or aroma marketing can have! We are always at your side and will advise you on your way to your own fragrance in your company.

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Individual advice from fragrance experts

best price performance ratio

Room fragrance from 1 EUR per day in purchase or as a monthly flat rate

Modern fragrance devices with WiFi & Bluetooth control for rooms from 10 - 10,000 m²

Production in the in-house fragrance laboratory by experienced perfumers

200+ fine room fragrances available within 24 hours

Scents is our passion - and has been for over 25 years!

25 years of REIMA

What began in 1998 as a one-man company in a small attic laboratory has developed into an international company in 25 years and established itself on the fragrance market.

Over the years, we have continuously developed our products and in recent years have brought many patents, utility models and designs as well as legally protected brands onto the fragrance market. Our products are sold under the labels REIMA®, AS®, AromaStreamer®, reimair®, reimador®, reimarom® and reimacare®.

With us you will find everything about fragrance dispensers, room fragrances, room scenting, professional scent marketing, aroma marketing, air design, fragrance devices, fragrance sprays, trade fair scenting, room sprays as well as air purification and odor removal.

Depending on your requirements, we offer aroma diffusers, fragrance dispensers, aerosol dispensers, fragrance columns, aroma streamers, fragrance devices, devices and systems for scenting air conditioning systems as well as high-quality room fragrances, fragrance oils, fragrance sprays, air fresheners, aromas and essential oils.

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25 years of REIMA
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