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Our scent systems


Our AromaStreamer® fragrance systems work according to the principle of cold misting: thanks to microfine misting, the fine fragrance compositions are distributed gently and evenly throughout the room.

Plug & Play

Simple and comfortable to use, you can use it by touch or with our apps via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Normally a room can be scented with a budget of well under €1 per day.

Whisper quiet

Our AromaStreamer® have a silent mechanism that easily distributes the fragrance throughout the room without disturbing those around.

Can be used discreetly

It is possible to place the AromaStreamer® over ventilation systems, fragrance columns & simply anywhere.

Dimensions of the room

Our modern AromaStreamer® fragrance systems are suitable for rooms from 10 - 10,000 m².

Our scent systems

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