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Preguntas frecuentes sobre marketing olfativo
y aromatización de espacios

  • What is the right room fragrance for my goals?
    Simply contact our trained specialists. During a short telephone conversation, we can discuss your needs and ideas together and then send you fragrance samples without obligation. If required, advice including fragrance selection can also be provided directly at your location. In any case, we will find the right room fragrance for your individual goals.
  • Which fragrance device is right for my room?
    Please feel free to contact us at any time for personal advice. During a short telephone conversation, we can discuss your ideas and suggest the optimal technical implementation. If required, the consultation, including the selection of fragrances, can also take place directly at your location. We offer you the right technology for each room.
  • How much does professional scent marketing cost?
    The costs for scent marketing depend on the size of the room, the technical implementation, the number of scent devices required, the air quality in the room and the respective personal goals. Normally, 100 m² of space can be scented with a budget of well under €1 per day
  • Can you also rent the fragrance devices and room fragrances?
    It is possible to rent appropriate fragrance devices and scents for a Christmas party, a trade fair or another event.
  • How much maintenance is required?
    We recommend cleaning every time you change the fragrance, i.e. every two to three months. After screwing in the bottle of system cleaner, the fragrance device cleans itself, so you have little effort.
  • Which companies are already using your products?
    Our customers include well-known hotel chains, care facilities, branches, doctor's offices, retail companies, opticians and other companies from almost all sectors. If the right reference in your industry helps you make a decision, please feel free to contact us.
  • Is it possible to have my own CI fragrance created?
    On request, we will create and protect your personal CI fragrance individually according to your ideas and your company philosophy.
  • Do the fragrance devices have a timer?
    Our fragrance devices have an integrated multifunctional timer, which can be adjusted to your individual opening times if required. It is also possible to take lunch breaks, closing times, etc. into account.
  • Is it possible to add scent via the air conditioning?
    Under certain conditions, scenting via air conditioning is easily possible.
  • What additional effort does room fragrance require?
    Our fragrance devices can be pre-set to your individual opening times and required fragrance intensity right from the warehouse, so that you only have to place the device at its intended location. The effort you have to do is essentially limited to changing the fragrance, which is carried out every 2 to 3 months in just a few minutes and without any tools.
  • What is the delivery time for your products?
    Orders placed before 12pm are usually dispatched the same day.
  • Can room fragrances cause allergies?
    Our room fragrances are made in Germany and are IFRA certified. To date, we are not aware of any allergies to our fragrances when they have been used in accordance with our recommendations.
  • Is it possible that scenting can cause headaches?
    Any smell that is too intense can cause headaches in people. This is the body's natural signal that a sensory influence is being stimulated too strongly. In general, we advise against overly aggressive room fragrances and recommend a subtle and unobtrusive fragrance. We are not aware of any cases of headaches when the intensity of the room fragrance was chosen according to our recommendation and the tested dosages. Even for sensitive people, a subtle fragrance represents a clear added value.
  • Do you also deliver outside Germany?
    We supply customers worldwide with our established and reliable logistics partners DHL and Kühne & Nagel.
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