Our room fragrances

Our room fragrances are highly qualitative compositions produced according to the strict guidelines of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association). The quality of our room fragrances is noticeable through the use of essential oils, food flavors and high-quality perfumes. The variety of our room fragrances characterizes our fragrance range. Let yourself be inspired. At REIMA AirConcept, you receive precious room fragrances from nature, food, perfume, leather and many more.

You do not know what kind of room is suitable for you? Then ask our competent staff for perfumes and scents. We will send you a selection of different fragrances and you decide which room fragrance is right for you and your company. You want an individual CI scent (corporate identity scent), personally tailored to you? Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As you can see, there are (almost) no limits for room fragrancing.


The exotic, slightly woody and still sweet fragrance of bamboo emphasized by a gentle and fruty shade of lemongrass.

Flower Shop

A colourful mix across the flowerbed, on the basis of a green bottom note.


A breeze of freshly mown green grass covered by water drops.

Green Hyacinth

An expressive balmy-green scent of blossoms with a very calmative effect.


The aromatic, moist, characteristic and woodruff-like scent of hey awakes countrified memories.


A romantic, sensual aroma of gentle, precious jasmine.


Delicate lavender notes, surrounded by fresh mint and eucalyptus, define this fragrance. Green notes of camphor and conifer round off this relaxing yet refreshing bouquet.

Lime tree Blossom

A calmative and relaxing effect of lime blossom activated by its strong aromatic scent.

Mauritius Sunset

The Caribbean scent of frangipani blossom spreads a tropicalcitric hint of the sweet blossom into all rooms.


Poetic, graceful and elegant, this flower covers all senses.

Orange Blossom

An attractive, harmonious and mood refreshing flower scent convincing by it´s pleasant composition of citric chords and green complexes.

Rose Garden

A romantic, enchanting mood, activated by a tender breeze of rose petals of the widest variety of roses such as floribunda roses, prize roses, bed roses and their gentle green charm.


An almost narcotic-exhilarating flowery scent, especially outstanding through a rich flowery bouquet.


A slight and clear sweetness arousing the impression of flowery pureness, innocence and freshness.

Wild Orchid

A flowery aroma, convincingly noticeable in the room through its romantic-sweet and slightly green shade.


Spicy and oriental, this scent will impress you by the mixture of pepper, cardamom and patchouli. Your thoughts will wander to distant lands.

Arabian Charm

The power of the captivating top notes of cassis, mandarin & nutmeg combined with spicy chords of pepper & cardamom describe the lively charm of this oriental fragrance. Expressive, it convinces with its extravagant essences of amber, sandal & va

Borneo Teak Wood

An oriental and exotic scent composition, tempting by a note of balmy sandalwood and a nuance of fancy teakwood.


Tonka bean, white musk, vanilla and sandalwood, distinctive and memorable characteristics. Highclass nuances like Ylang Ylang, cinnamon and caramel are completing this classy scent harmoniously.

Indian Dreams

A spicy composition of scents of asian woods, arouses a warm atmosphere in the room.


Sweet and sustainable you will keep this scent in mind. White musk, patchouli as well as soft notes of rose, lilies of the valley and jasmine, harmonizing pleasantly. Mandarin, plum and black currant are giving a fruity kick.

Lara Simin

A fruityflowery scent of orangeblossom, lily of the valley, rose, mandarin and a dash of lime. Notes of lavender, a hint of vanilla and the tart scent of Tonka bean are taking an irresistible effect.


White musk and sandalwood are defining this soft scent temptation. By using light notes like rose, lilies of the valley, apple and a dash of peach and jasmine, it spices up the scent exactly at the optimal point.


A nice woody and animalistic attractant which atomises attractive effects through erotic appeals.

Oil of Orient

Oriental aroma - a broad spectrum of spices let your senses dream and moves you directly into the Orient with flowery accords.

Oriental Rhythm

A bit woody and dry but even balmy-sweet and a bit tobacco-like, this is how we bring the orient to your home.

Oriental Wood Oriental perfume and wood nuances, caressed by a gentle touch of oak and incense.
Oudh Omar

This fragrance will spread the feeling of 1001 night with its woody nature and the essential strength of the Orient.


The sweet, earthy and woody scent of patchouli conveys relaxation, satisfaction and safety.


A strong, sweet-warm and aromatic tobacco scent with its sweet, mossy, woody and honey-like notes lends a mild aroma to your room.

Wonders of Nepal

Caribbean meets Orient: sweetens any room with the smell refinded by chocolate, musk and a splash of coconut.


The fresh Fougère scent with a green, fruity top is emphasized by a cool, flowery bouquet.

Deep Mystery

Rose petals, apricot and peach blossoms reveal an elegant and attractive note, finished with vanilla, musk and sandalwood.


A fine, oriental and sensual women's perfume note, dominated by lime, mandarin, tuberose, and subtly tangy tones like amber, musk and sandalwood.

French Glamour

An elegant oriental-fresh scent of flowery jasmine and rose, strengthened by patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver and white musk in the tart-sweet bottom note.


The scent of fresh oranges and mandarins paired with earthy wood notes combine to create a special kind of vanilla-tart women's perfume.


A slightly maritime and floral scent of peony, jasmine and water lily. Rounded off with fruity notes of lemon, orange, tangerine, a tangy, spicy note of black tea and a warm base of amber and sandalwood.


A green and immediately maritime flower scent with a woody base note. The fresh and light composition of rose petals and lotus has a soothing effect in the rooms.


The feminine, fruity-sweet scent of blackcurrant and bitter orange, a selection of delicately scented flowers such as violet and jasmine as well as the base of vanilla, amber and a little musk, define this fragrance.


A pleasantly light perfume note, which is given an exclusive charm by the scent of jasmine. Ylang Ylang gives the fragrance the sweet-feminine note.

Soul Fire

Refractive as a crystal, this fragrance convinces with its fruity-floral aromas. The warming note of amber & musk rounds off the bouquet refined and irresistible skillfully.


Floral-sweet with a fruity top note. This fragrance has a special charm due to its base note of vanilla and plum and a heart note of passion fruit, rose and patchouli, accompanied by a top note of mandarin and pineapple.

Vanilla Kisses

Delicate, sensual and seductive scent with hints of vanilla and musk.


Loving and light fragrance with an extravagant charm. This fragrance is characterized by its sweet and fruity note. Rounded off with a splash of cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and lemon oil is an unmistakable exclusivity.

Clean Air

Fresh air in enclosed spaces - strong odour absorbers let unpleasant odours come to an end. The fresh air is reaching you by using a small dash of mint.

Cool Breeze

Gentle notes of sea grass, moss, ambergris and cedar wood, combined with lily of the valley, orange blossom and white musk. A touch of lavender and cucumber brings the scent to life.

Fresh Office

A fresh office which is sprayed by a touch of mint improves the necessary concentration of the employees.

North Sea

Fresh and clear fragrances reminding of gentle and maritime sea breezes through a dash of mint, a gentle-green combination gives a special refreshing touch.

Pacific Ocean

Sticks out especially by it´s summerly breeze and adds a kind of sporty freshness to the room - a dash of grapefruit provides a slightly fruity finish.

Sea Star A maritime scent, characterized by waterlily, mint and lemon, supported by bloomy accents of peony and jasmine and a wooden note of cedar and musk.

A timeless, aromatic-sporty fragrance, consisting of lime, jasmine and geranium, as well as sandalwood, musk, amber, with a cool freshness kick of mint.


This fragrance is sporty and sexy. Musk brings the masculine nuance and refreshing elements are taken over by maritime notes.


Fresh and light scent composition with salty aspects and sensual maritime nuances.

compo- sitions
Balm & Care

The powdery characteristics are reminiscent of beauty and care products. Mixed with gentle, floral charm, this frangrance evokes a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Black Seduction

A wonderful scent for the autumnal season. Cedar, sandal, vanilla, black cherry and much more harmonizes incredibly well.

Endless Story

A very natural, refreshing scent that resembles a walk in the morning dew. The pleasant fragrance composition consists of fresh citrus notes, green aspects, noble wooden chords as well as vetiver and amber.


A gentle-flowery and balmy essence with viola and fruity aspects of bamboo and lemongrass, lights up your senses and strentghens your day.


A green, sparkling fragrance full of strength and inspiration. Spicy herbal notes and green tea scent replace the fresh top note. A light, flowery one
A breeze and a hint of musk make up the rounded base.

Fresh Laundry

Freshly washed, clean laundry - air- and sun-dried - a fantastic and very popular laundry scent.

Golden Sunrise

A fruity and fascinating scent of mandarine and currant, making Caribbean dreams come true and is pleasantly finished with gentle and flowery aspects of jasmine and orchid as well as woody notes of cedar and sandal wood.

Italian Dreams

A markedly likeable delicious citric note of orange invites to Tuscan dreams.

Melon Tonic

A fruity-peppy fragrance experience of tangy-fresh grapefruit and exotic-sweet melon combined with woody-warm chords.

Paradise Touch

A dreamlike, relaxing composition of colorful flower petals and Tunisian jasmine is rounded off with balsamic notes and sweet precious woods. It remains of the most beautiful holiday moments.


A very patient and relaxed appearing scent with vanilla, the sweetness of apples and lavender oil spreading harmony, whereas lemon-mandarine unfold their balanced and juicy-fruity aroma.

Samoa Sun

A basis of exotic woods, amber and musk resting on vanilla, a breeze of cream and a velvety nuance of peach combined with the finest note of coconut resulting in a culinary accord.

Scotch & Cigar

This strong character fragrance leaves a dignified & smoky atmosphere as in an English gentlemen’s club. For the refreshingly light top note, fruity bergamot meets the light spiciness of ginger. This creation leaves a masculine signature through the<

Smooth Harmony

Local blooming plants of lilac and lavender mixed up with fresh-fruity and green aspects of grapefruit and cedarwood taking a very calmative and relaxing effect.

Soft Kiss

A pleasantly fresh and balsamic scent essence, with a delicate splash of different floral nuances.

Summer Fresh

The fresh and tangy scent of lemongrass impresses with its ethereous feeling, finished by a flowery and fruity note.

Vanilla Dreams

The perfect combination of sweet vanilla, fruity orange and a hint of sweetwoody sandalwood is very pleasant and luxurious.


The symbol of beauty and pureness is spreading ist soft and balmy scent in a gentle manner.

White Pearl

An exclusive and fresh laundry fragrance with a head note dominated by bergamot, lemon and orange.


The sweetish and warm scent, as freshly brewed by the barista, draws through your rooms.

Cappuccino Cocoa

The tender cacoa note flatters the cappuccino aroma with its gentle expression.

Cappuccino Coffee

A slight tart note enriches the Italians favourite drink in a particular manner.

Cappuccino Vanilla

The sweetness of the vanilla pod gives a delicate shimmer to your hot drink.


Freshly-brewed, steaming coffee with milk and sugar, what a pleasant dreamlike scent early in the morning.

Coffee & Cake

Charming sweet scent of fresh pastries and further bakery products - combined with the tart coffee bean.

Coffee Pure

A delicious and pleasant scent of the roasted coffee bean.

Coffee Roasted

Roasted coffee beans produce a powerful and expressive scent. Coffee Roasted is a bitter, unique coffee scent.


Freshly brewed, aromatic coffee and the smell of fresh baked goods from the oven.

Cuba Libre

The harmony between the sweet aroma of cola and a mild, slightly fruity hint of Cuban rum brings your senses to the Caribbean islands.

Earl Grey Tea The Chinese tea blend consisting of black tea and a light, aromatic bitter-note of bergamot has a refreshing and vitalizing effect. A splash of orange gives it a fruity kick.
Green Tea

The particular aromatic scent of green tea, calms down your soul and invites you to relax.

Pina Colada

The fruity-exotic harmony between pineapple, coconut and the delicate note of caribbean rum.


A distinctive "green tea scent". The character of this Japanese tea blend is full of vitality and energy. The fresh citric top note is
is released by a herbaceous, slightly floral scent and is embedded in a touch of ambergris and musk.

White Tea

This light and fresh Chinese blossom tea has a very special charm with its sweet top note.

Aloe & Cucumber

The naturally summery harmony between the two fragrance notes gives the certain freshness kick through the refrigerant cucumber.


Fresh bread rolls, freshly-baked cakes and further sweet pastries refine this crispy bakery scent.


The smoky mix of spices reminds of comfortable and summerly barbecue evening.


This appetising, culinary dream smells temptingly sweet - like freshly baked.


The sickly-sweet candy seduction aromatised by juicy strawberries, crispy round cherries and a touch of fresh lime.


A sweet temptation, fascinating by the typical character of unskimmed milk.

Coconut Cake

Caribbean feeling by the exotic scent of coconut combined with bakery´s delicacies.


Sweet and spicy, the European garden herb shows its dulcet side.

Sugared Almond

A sweet scent of harmonious composition entranced by almond, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon.


A vanillic breeze of pastries and baking spices fills the air.

Hot Bread

A heavenly scent of freshly baked bread refined with a slightly sweet-spicy nuance.


An aromatic and appetizing mix of herbs and spices.


Heavenly fruity fragrance chords with floral accents. The sweet-fruity aroma of strawberry and sun-drenched jasmine is carried by the bouquet of orange blossom, which merges with the fruity finish of peach. Creamy caramel and the warm sweetness of vani


Creamy scent of nut-nougat excellent for a tender temptation without increasing weight.


Fresh and steaming caramelized popcorn, there` s no one who doesn´t love this delicacy.

Spearmint The typical scent of a spearmint chewing gum has a refreshing and invigorating effect. It promotes your concentration and gives your daily routine a vitalizing kick.
Strawberry Cream

A sweet and creamy pleasure for your nose by its tempting and delicious scent of strawberry-vanilla.

Sweet Sugar Cookie

With a topping of sweet tart chocolate drops and the dreamy combination of sweet vanilla flavor & a hint of creamy caramel make the Cookie lovers hearts beat faster.


The harmonious, delicately seductive scent of the aromatic vanilla bean warms the body, mind and soul.


A mood-enhancing, tropical-fresh and sweet scent of pineapple.

Andalusian Vibes

This fruity composition makes your dream come true: Enjoy your sunny days at the sea with a cocktail in your hand. Orange, lime, grapefruit and a sweet dash of vanilla, tempting to get lost in your dreams.


The crisp and refreshing touch of juicy-green apples.


A slightly cool and refreshing scent of crispy apples with a deep, ethereal shimmer of mint.


The fruity scent of recently picked green apples covered by the warm, smooth and sweet essence of vanilla.

Berry Sensation

Fruity, delicious slightly tart scent of fresh berries appetizing and moodlifting.

Black Cherry

The intensive fruit aroma of dark cherries sweetens every summerly daydream.


Holiday feeling aroused by the exotic-fresh scent of coconut with a dash of lemon.

Delicious Fruits

Grapefruit, apple and strawberry combined with a touch of orange, united to a fruity composition.


The scent of the sun-ripened, juicy pomegranate bewitches with fruity, sour accents.


A clear and tangy scent with toned freshness.

Holiday One

Dreamlike thoughts sweeping through enchanting fruity summer cocktails and a fruity paradise of grapes, quince, pineapple and more Caribbean fruits.


The Caribbean sensual, exotic and sweet note of coconut arouses the dream of summer, beach and sea.


A fresh cocktail of juicy, sunny yellow lemons.

Lemon & Mandarin

A fruity-fresh embrace of juicy mandarins and sparkling lemons.


The refine-tart scent of limes is very refreshing and exhilarant, improves our ability to concentrate and reduces tiredness.


Scent of mandarins, releases depressions and tensions and atomizes a gentle, fresh and mild sweetness.

Orange Brazil

The fresh, acitous but even sweet scent of oranges, pressed out of lush and juicy brasilian oranges.


The sweet scent of juicy oranges, touched by a slightly tart pinch of aromatic grapefruits.


A cooperation of scents with inspiring tones of peach and exotic aromas of papaya.


The sweet but at the same time fruity and juicy scent of recently picked strawberries.

Sunny Day

The refreshing scent of blood oranges is activating, mood-lifting and unique.

Tropical Fruits

An exiting journey through our Mediterranean composition of scents with culinary accords of pineapple, coconut and further fruity great pleasures.


With a heart note of geranium, ginger and juniper berry, this scent has a very elegant and spicy finish. Lavender, basil and lemon give it the balancing freshness kick.


This perfume composition has a pleasant fragrance through the base and middle notes, like patchouli, musk, jasmine & lily of the valley and a refreshing splash of orange and mandarin.


The masculine and still sensual scent of leather and amber gets ist special charm through fruity and juicy green elements.


Birch leaf, lemon leaf and lavender care for the elegant nuance, pepped up masculine by cardamom, jasmine and african viola.

George A fresh masculine scent with a woody bottom note of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk, amber and moos. The lemony top notes of bergamot and lemon give it a pleasant freshness.

A discreet but elegant fragrance as a symbol of modern masculinity. This citrus and woody fragrance is introduced by bergamot.


A fresh and green masculine scent with maritime touches in the head notes and woody accords through pine and cedar in the heart note.

Le Patron

Dynamic and incomparable. The fruity freshness of green apple meets the effervescence of bergamot. The fragrance shows its cozy woody facets through the strikingly fresh nuances of sandalwood and cedar.


A strong and spicy fragrance of sandalwood, musk and ambergris as base. Traces of geranium and ylang ylang, vanilla and tonka bean strengthen the oriental nuance.


A fragrant neroli oil is replaced by green hyacinth and rose buds. Noble, warm notes of ambergris and musk as well as fresh cedar wood form an elegant base and create a magical fragrance experience.

Secret Desire

Bergamot and lemon pleasantly refresh thescented oriental flavour through olive blossoms, star anis, guaiac wood, leather, tobacco and tonka bean.


The noble and masculine fragrance for men reflects a powerful-strong attitude. Bergamot, cypress & amber harmonize seductively bold together and are the crowning glory of our Superior.


The artful combination of sweetly tart tobacco and the warm note of floral spicy vanilla aroma is reminiscent of the smoky atmosphere of a gentlemen’s club.

Wood & Nature

The natural dream combines refreshing, revitalizing and balancing fragrance nuances of fresh cedar wood, a blend of Indian & white sandalwood and a touch of floral notes.


The typical, aromatic oak wood scent is slightly in the air and pleasantly filling up the room.


Leaves, wild berries and woods of the wides variety. The resulting woody and slightly fruity-green breeze highlights this special scent.

Gentlemens Lounge

Male, strong and expressive. Leather, wood and a harsh tobacco note give the scent exclusivity.

Wood Fresh

Fresh cut wood, a pleasantly fresh enjoyment for our nose.


The harmonic as well as woody-balmy scent works phantasy and creativity stimulating in a sweet-milky way.

Timber Wind
A fragrance that enchants the room with a fresh, but also pleasantly
Walnut Wood

A noble and pleasant scent of walnut wood blandishes by its harmonic senses.


A fresh, very green note, combined with nuances of mint, finished with high-quality woody accords.

Cedar Wood

The spicy aroma of the North African tree helps to create clarity and harmony.

Swiss Stone Pine

Balsamic and spicy fresh scent of the swiss stone pine taking an revitalizing and at the same time strengthening effect.

Leather Intense

A noble, sensual and distinctive leather fragrance that gives any room a dark modern atmosphere.


The sensual scent of leather evokes memories of noble vehicles or antique furniture.

Leather Tart

The slighty acid note will create a special charm of the rooms, comfortable as well as activating.


The animalistic atractant musk intensifies the leather notes by it´s attracting effect.

Leather Sandel

The woody-balmy note of sandalwood spices up the classic leather note pleasantly.


Aromatic mix of leather & tobacco, producing a strong but even very pleasant scent.


The crispy and sweet-spicy essence of green apples and flavours of cinnemon convinces with its Christmassy charm.

Christmas Mood

A typical, Christmassy composition with an orange heart note, supported by aromas of cinnamon, Christmas pastries and a slight and sweet touch of vanilla.


The Christmas classic will captivate your senses by its spice blend of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, coriander, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg.

Holy Night

Spicy, fruity and sweet. This Christmas composition convinces with a fruity-sweet character, which harmonizes perfectly with a delicate spicy note of cin

Pepper & Cardamom

The fresh top note of bergamot and cassis is supported by a slightly hot note of pepper and spicy cardamom. This fragrance finds its velvety woody conclusion with amber and sandalwood, among other things.

Spiced Wine

A wonderfully spicy - warm mulled wine scent for the perfect christmas market feeling!


A Christmas fragrance composition made of various spices such as cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, nutmeg and gentle, warm
Tonka bean and caramel nuances.


Exotic, sensual, spicy and sweet… this reflects the warming scent of cinnamon.


A Parfume essence and a high-quality composition of leather spreads an exclusive charm.

Cuir & Wood

Combines leather and wood in one scent. A powerful and expressive ambience for your rooms.

NewCar Ambiente

A scent of new car which brings a new shine to your car by using a slightly acid leather scent.

NewCar Noble

By using walnut wood and light nuances of leather your car will be provided with a feeling of new car.

Colours of Autumn (Autumn)

Autumnal nuances of hay meet slowly falling leaves.

Soul of Summer (Sommer)

A fruity mix of freshly pressed oranges and lemons with the charm of a warm scent of perfume.

Spring Romance (Spring)

A gentle and harmonious warm breeze from a mix of the most diverse spring flowers, such as tulip, lilac and yellow daffodil with fresh green grass.

Winter Vibes (Winter)

A cool fragrance with transparent nuances of ethereal eucalyptus.


A maritime, energetic unisex fragrance with a fresh, always youthful note - citrus, clean, just to feel good. The subtle fruit note in
Combination with white musk and iris round off this wonderful fragrance.


An unisex scent, masculine-fresh due to amber, oakmoss and musk. Bergamot, freesia and cardamon imply the needed green spice.


A sweet and fresh but even gentle and tart note characterizes this scent.


Fresh and aquatic, sweet and smooth. Rose, sandalwood, musk, jasmine and vanilla harmonize very well with fresh scents such as lavender, orange and bergamot.


Fruity-floral with a powdery fond, this is how this unisex scent describes itself.

Alpha & Omega

Orange blossom and ethereous scent of lavender with a pleasant and calmative effect.


Relaxing essence seduces by verbena, bergamot oil and a fruity breeze of blood oranges.


Half lemon - half orange, a clear, fresh and tangy scent of the calabrian fruit revitalises body and soul by is fruityfresh citrus aroma.


Imaginative and harmonizing green, intensively-flowery notes of hyacinth with active and fresh characters of mint.

Dynamic Flow

Activating, vitalizing and cooling - with a delicate splash of orange, this essential fragrance is truly refreshing.


The crispy refreshment of lemon refined with a dash of mint will create a very dynamic effect.


A calmative arrangement of the widest variety of essential oils like lavender, rosewood, palmarosa oil and other components.


By it´s balmy freshness and strongly cooling character eucalyptus has an outmost concentration stimulating effect.

Ferox Our anxietyreducing blend consists of several ethereal oils. Orange and bergamot create a kick of freshness and go harmoniously together with lavender, palmarosa and geranium.
Spruce Needle

A fresh and spicy scent of wood stimulates, activates and balances your mood.


Fruity and harmonic arrangement of mandarin oil, lemon oil and - amongst others blood orange oil - implies a carefree feeling of lightness.

Mountain Pine

The scent of mountain pine, strongly spicy as well as balmy and through its eucalyptus aroma even medical.


The French spicy breeze of lavender spreading the charm of freshly-picked lilac-colored herbs.


The Indian kind of grass, convincing especially in the relaxatino therapy by its citric-fresh and slightly spicy scent.

Litsea Cubeba Powerful and energetic with a balsamic sweet nuance in harmony with a citric freshness.
Living Mind

Woody and ethereal fragrance notes such as spruce needle and pine unite in harmony with fruity components.


Mountain pine oil, orange oil, rosemary oil and further essential oils activated in a sweet composition of scents.


Pleasant balance evoked by the fruity charm of orange oil, the tartly fresh scent of cedarwood and the relaxing effect of melissa.


A sporty and refreshing note implies a spicy prelude and a cooling effect of menthol.

Pure Harmony

The pure harmony of the soothing fragrance nuance lavender relaxes body and mind. Fruity hints round off this heavenly fragrance.

Rose Mary

The intensive and herbaceous scent of rosemary revitalizes and activates by its fiery charm.

Summer Feeling

A fancy and elegant composition of flowers and fruits exiting for every kind of nose through its citrus fruits and provencial lavender blossoms.


A pleasant, herbaceous note defines the ethereous scent of verbena.


A timeout from the daily chaos enabled by a composition of lemongrass, rosemary and bergamot.

Citrus Oil

Fresh, fruity and tangy the activating oil characterises at its best.

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