Odor neutralization

Odor absorber

For us as REIMA®, a specialist in professional room scenting and aroma marketing it is obvious that the existing room air has to be treated before the applied scent is able to achieve its pleasant and intended effect. Our high quality scent compositions do not overlay odors and not suitable to conceal or mask unpleasant odors.

For this reason, we integrated a highly effective odor absorber in nearly all our REIMAROM® scent compositions. Due to its reliable effectiveness you can actually talk about a real „odor killer“ due to the fact that it eliminates and neutralizes bad odors. The principle is easy and simple as the effect is not based on a short-term effect but rather on a sustainable and ultimate odor neutralization of the surrounding atmosphere. The active ingredient OM-Ega 30* we are using and adding to the scent is the zinc salt of the natural castor oleic acid. The odor molecules are bound as a complex to the active ingredient and the stink molecules in the air are absorbed. The effectiveness of the product is proven by an independent research. OM-Ega 30* is also used in many commercially available products and is even well-established as an ingredient in customary body antiperspirants. The structure of the simultaneous applied scent molecules remains unchanged and the molecules are able to distribute themselves in the cleaned air in its full quality.

Which kind of odors can be eliminated with the odor killer OM-Ega 30*?

All main odor causing stink molecules, like amino nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide  molecules as for example contained in perspiration, urine, nicotine, spoiled fish etc. and all mercapto-sulphur compounds contained in the odor of garlic, onions, feces, fermentation gases and compost gases are eliminated and absorbed. All unpleasant, musty and moldy smells like lactic acid, vomit, feces and smoke do not have a chance anymore and are eliminated from various materials (e. g. carpets, cushions, curtains, floorings, wall panels).

Why ethereal scent compositions and REIMAROM® room scents do not contain an OM-Ega 30* odor absorber?

Ethereal oils reflect 100 percent nature and the nature has, as is generally known, its own principles. The chemical substances of most ethereal oils are not only pleasant and healthy but also contain a natural odor absorber. Who does not know grandmas “smoke eliminator”, often a lighted owl, filled with eucalyptus oil and water? It is even proven that the aromatization with ethereal oils verifiably reduces the concentration of bacteria and other pathogens in the respiratory air.

Our REIMAROM® scent compositions of aromas are deliberately not enriched with odor absorbers as these scents are exclusively made for product promotion or atmospheric room scenting. For these compositions we only use aromas which we can also find in food production. For example a tasty chocolate-, cake-, Christmas- or strawberry scent and even a spicy scent of kitchen scents only consists of exquisite, natural food aromas.

* The registered, patented name of the odor absorber (from the manufacturer) was amended by us.

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