Corporate Scent – CI scents for your company

All our scent compositions are created in our own scent laboratory. You can also get your own scent and the CI scent for your company created by us. Every single scent produced by REIMA awards the rating Made in Germany! This stands for quality you can smell as we only use high-quality raw materials for the development of new scents and scent compositions.

In our laboratory we are always following up the latest trends, trying to discover innovative ideas, continually. This is how we always create new scents which are immediately added to our promptly available range. Seasonal specials, modern and earthy-wooden notes, oriental notes, exotic nuances or simple, elegant scents as well as classics from the sectors nature, perfume and fruits, every scent is getting a chance.

Our experienced perfumers create your individual, customized Corporate Identity Scent on demand. A very individual, distinctive note corresponding to your company’s color and your complete concept will arise. The personal scent composition communicates your image and underlines unmistakable the unique identity of your company or your product.  

This "Corporate Scent" or "Signature Scent" is only provided for you and the scent formula is protected by us. It is your own scent and can be used for any further marketing actions like mailings or exhibition stands. Get your customers impressed and strengthen the Corporate Identity of your company with an individual room scent. You will also increase your image, your company’s recognition value as well as the sales potential of your products.

Together with you we develop your own scent, the scent of your company and of your brand. Exclusive and of high quality!

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