The fields of application of our fragrances and scent machines are unlimited. Following we would like to show you the variety on selected examples:


Banks and Insurances

It doesn’t matter what and where – first impressions count! Especially in the entrance area of banks or similar financial service areas a pleasant fragrance improves an overall feeling of well-being and trust in your company and your service.

Odors and scents have a direct impact on human emotions, cognitive processes and behavioral responses. They will remain in your customers’ memory for a long time. Therefore we recommend a soft, natural fragrance for your consulting rooms.

Self service areas in banks and offices are very often windowless and sparsely furnished rooms, where printers and ATMs are placed. Most of the time the air is not very pleasant and your staff will leave these rooms as soon as possible. Our aromas will clean the air and create a stimulating working area that smells agreeable. Just contact us with your request and we are pleased to help you!



Who is not familiar with the afternoon dip? Motivation and attention go down and a cup of coffee is not always enough to keep you going.

Scientific research has proven that air without oxygen in offices has a significant influence on performance, motivation and creativity of employees.

But there is an easy solution: the right scent composition in the office improves the overall working environment. It will significantly reduce stress and improve performance during the day. By carefully selecting specific scents your employees will feel much more motivated.


Conference Rooms

How welcome is a call for a coffee break when you are really tired! Especially in rooms with air-conditioning the air does not contain any vitalizing or aromatic components anymore, because of the cleaning process in the air condition unit. The room air is as clean as distilled water.

But very often there is no time for a coffee break and this when our special, essential fragrance compositions come in handy! They prevent fatigue and lack of concentration and the participants in your meetings or seminars feel much more awake. Scientific research has proven that they will keep focused much longer.



Hairdresser and Nail Salons

Waiting time at the hairdresser or nail salon is often used for a nice ‘time out’ to read a magazine or newspaper and have a cup of coffee. But this is only possible in a room with a relaxing atmosphere.

Unfortunately, most hair dye and nail polish don’t smell very pleasant. But it is easy to improve your room atmosphere with our harmonious feel-good fragrances or with the delicious aroma of coffee or cappuccino. By using those scents you can easily lift your customers’ mood and provide an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.


Travel Agencies

If you don’t exactly come into a holiday mood in your travel agency, it may be caused by the lack of a pleasant smell.

Travel brochures only show you attractive pictures, but most of the time you don’t smell a fresh sea breeze or a nice coconut cocktail on a tropical beach.

But you can change all that by using one of our seductive fragrances like Holiday One or Samoa Sun. Your customers will be in the Caribbean mood immediately. Aromas of tropical fruits will bring a holiday atmosphere into your agency. Why don´t you seduce your customers with our scents?



Bathroom and Accessory Stores

Tilers, architects and interior designers have done a great job in your store. They did not only lay the trendiest and most modern tiles, placed attractive bath accessories in the right light, but also created wellness oases in your store.

But one important aspect is still missing: the right fragrance in the different areas of your store. A natural scent e.g. can lift up the exclusivity tremendously.

You are able to you create a private atmosphere, where people feel at home and take more time. It doesn’t feel like a store, but like a home. Customers are more relaxed and will take more time to look around.

A pleasant scent creates an appropriate ambience in the area where your experts give advice and bathrooms are planned. It enables your employees to present your complete offer!


Kitchen Stores

A pleasant scent in the area where your customers are served and informed, creates and ambiance of trust. It will make your potential customers stay longer, because they feel much more comfortable.

We suggest creating scent islands in your store, so that customers continuously experience a new fragrance when they move to different areas. This will draw much more attention to the products and the customers will take more time to have a look around.

In kitchens with decorations of artificial fruit a scent of fresh mandarins, delicious apples or fruity grapefruits will pleasantly surprise your customers.

A few kitchens further on where materials such as stainless steel and glass predominate, you could use the smell of fresh herbs.

In country house kitchens, where rustic tables are tastefully covered with coffee cups and cakes, a delicious aroma of coffee and cake could be in the air.

Scents like Green Tea, Chocolate, Strawberry Cream, Coke, Chicken Soup or Sweet Shadow will make your store come alive, because real kitchens produce those appetizing smells. So step ahead and give your store a new lease to life!


Furniture Shops

A pleasant fragrance in your home centre or furniture shop will increase your mood as well as that of your potential customers.

If you create ‘scent islands’ with different fragrances, e.g. example in the area with trendy furniture, you will draw much more attention to all the different product that are on display.

You can also enhance the already existing pleasant smell of leather in the area, where exclusive leather couches and other furniture with leather upholstery is sold.

Furthermore, you can neutralize negative production-related odors that are spread by brand-new furniture due to the production process (adhesives, foils, etc.).

In the area with modern furniture for young people a fresh and zippy scent will invite teenagers to stay longer.

With professional fragrances you can create a positive atmosphere in your showroom. Customers will stay longer and take more time to discover the many different products you offer. And of course this will increase your turnover!


Gastronomy & Recreation

Fitness Studios

With just a little bit more effort you can distinguish yourself from other studios and large fitness studio chains. Not just the best price, the supposedly sportiest offer and the most advanced training equipment counts, but members and guest should feel good and recommend your place to others.

If you add scents to other conditions like lighting, colors, music, room temperature, etc. you will easily increase the ambience tremendously. Your members and especially visitors for trial workouts will immediately feel the energy and vitality in your place when they step inside.

In the training area where the large fitness equipment is situated a refreshing and motivating fragrance will provide the right training atmosphere, while sweat odors will be neutralized at the same time.

The same goes for the locker rooms, where sweaty smells are always present. In these areas we recommend our mobile and battery powered Aerosol Dispenser. The scents for this appliance are equipped with a special integrated odor absorber which neutralizes perspiration smells and other unpleasant odors within seconds. Those simple things ensure a pleasant smell in washroom and changing areas, as well as in the other parts of your studio.

If you have a massage room or a Spa area in your studio, we can also provide appropriate aromas (see ‘Wellness and Spa). We have the right concept: don’t hesitate to contact us!



Upon entering a restaurant the first impression decides whether we feel comfortable or not. There is no second chance! No matter if your restaurant is cozy and rustic or exclusive, a pleasant and well dosed fragrance completes the overall ambience and the feel-good atmosphere in a very positive way.

Not only the entrance and dining area can be enriched with e.g. a fresh and fruity scent, but there is an appropriate scent for all other rooms and for all the events that take place in your restaurant.

Wedding celebrations can be made extra festive with a romantic rose scent.  Christmas parties can be fragranced with typical Christmas scents of cinnamon, herbs and fruits. All this will highlights the character of each of these events.

The atmosphere in the washroom and other sanitary areas in your restaurant is also very important. A clean and fresh scent has high priority, because your guests associate a fresh smell with cleanness.

On the way to the restrooms a permanently smell of fresh coffee or tasty cappuccino could be used. When your guests come back into the restaurant, they will certainly feel like ordering a nice cup of coffee.

With our fully automated air fresheners and aroma diffusers it will always be possible to create exactly the right feeling and effect!



Tilers, architects and interior designers have done a great job in your store. They did not only lay the trendiest and most modern tiles, placed attractive bath accessories in the right light, but also created wellness oases in your store.

But one important aspect is still missing: the right fragrance in the different areas of your store. A natural scent e.g. can lift up the exclusivity tremendously.

You are able to you create a private atmosphere, where people feel at home and take more time. It doesn’t feel like a store, but like a home. Customers are more relaxed and will take more time to look around.

A pleasant scent creates an appropriate ambience in the area where your experts give advice and bathrooms are planned. It enables your employees to present your complete offer!


Swimming Pools

Bad weather and low outside temperatures are not an issue in a Spa or inside swimming pool. Despite all outside weather conditions you can still have fun and enjoy relaxing moments in such facilities with pleasant temperatures.

Unfortunately in most facilities the positive expectation is marred by unpleasant smells of chlorine in the air and perspiration in the dressing area. Those typical smells have a very negative effect on your visitors and will influence their sense of well-being.

With our modern and professional equipment as well as our exclusive scent compositions you can easily create a relaxing holiday atmosphere in your entrance area. If it smells fresh and clean in the locker rooms, your customers will feel well.

A pleasant and relaxing holiday scent, a natural essential oil or the scent of a Caribbean cocktail will improve the overall impression of your swimming area tremendously. Your guests will get the idea of a holiday at the beach and will be happy to return to your place.

In addition we recommend using our natural food scents like Cappuccino, Pizza, Chocolate, Strawberry ice cream in the food court, to increase sales there.


Health & Care

Retirement Homes

The entrance area is the business-card of your house and should not only be well designed, but also smell pleasantly. Smelling is our most decisive sense and will absolute influence our mood. The typical ‘senior resident smell’ is very often not a positive one. By using harmonious scents you will create a pleasant ambience and give your residents and visitors a fragrant welcome.

Scented floors, rooms, community and living areas, as well as sanitary facilities will increase the feelings of the well-being of your residents, staff and visitors tremendously. In areas where possible odors of perspiration or urine occur, we recommend our REIMA Aerosol Dispenser. The small and battery-powered units ensure a continuous and consistent treatment of the existing air in the different areas.

Most of our fragrances include an additional absorber that does not just cover the bad odors, but will neutralize them. The result is a pleasant atmosphere that will be much appreciated by your residents and their family members and friends. They could even be tempted to visit their relatives more often!



It is not easy to start a sales talk in an environment with customers who feel ill and worry about their health. It is important to improve the atmosphere in such an environment, but that is easier said than done!

In your line of business competition is fierce, because pharmacy chains and internet pharmacies are entering the market. That is why your existing customers are getting more and more important to you. To achieve more customer loyalty you may hand out free samples or handkerchiefs, but does that do the trick?

Welcome your clients with a carefully selected fragrance in the entrance area. Use scents that create a pleasant and healthy feeling, like eucalypt or lavender.

With our exclusive scents you do not only change the old-fashioned ambience in your shop, but you draw much more attention to your displays with vitamin products, cosmetic products and accessories and increase your sales!


Medical Practices

A visit to the doctor always means waiting! In places where many people come together a pleasant atmosphere is extra important, because it will directly affect the mental well-being of your patients.

By using a pleasant scent in the entrance and waiting area the patients will immediately feel less stressed and will enter your practice room in a more relaxed frame of mind. Moreover, harmonic fragrances will also calm impatient patients.

A fragrance device installed in the waiting area, that continuously treats and refreshes the air in the room, will neutralize the typical odors of medicinal substances and remedies, but also the natural odors of furniture and flooring, as well as perspiration from patients, etc.

Especially for waiting areas of medical facilities we have developed the fragrance ‘Patience’. This scent does not only reduce your patients’ fear, but will create trust and endurance as well.


Dental Practices

A regular visit to the dentist is a necessary evil that is feared by many people. In past years positive changes and improvements have been made in dental care and technology. But many patients are still afraid when they enter your practice and some even have a pronounced dental phobia.

In these circumstances first impressions are very important. Many people have an aversion to the typical smell of cloves from Eugenol and other medicinal substances. By using other, calming scents latent fears of your patients will immediately be reduced the moment they enter your waiting room.

Carefully selected fragrances will enhance the mood, help soothe and relax and improve the mental and physical well-being of your patients.

Especially for waiting areas of medical facilities we have developed the fragrance ‘Patience’. This scent does not only reduce your patients’ fears, but also creates trust and endurance. It will bring them in a relaxed and positive frame of mind.


Physiotherapy Practices

With a light and pleasant atmosphere in the entrance and waiting area you will easily achieve an improvement of the mental well-being of your patients upon entering your practice. Whether your patients visit you for physical therapy, a massage or treatment after an operation or accident, a pleasant atmosphere is always very important.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and have a relaxing and a healing effect on body, mind and soul. Depending on the fragrance of the oil that is used, this effect can be stimulating, revitalizing or relaxing.

A fragrance device placed in the waiting or entrance or waiting area of your practice, that continuously cleans the air and adds a pleasant smell, will neutralize the typical odors of remedies, perspiration, etc.

Harmonic and balancing fragrances will also reduce the stress and impatience of many patients. They will be much more relaxed, which could result in much better therapy.


Wellness Hotels and Spas

All wellness hotels and/or Spas want each individual guest to feel comfortable and pleasant. They must be able to forget their daily stress and enjoy a relaxing a massage, surrounded by pleasant music.

Guest should enjoy themselves using all senses and feel pampered. This includes the use of scents, in the sauna where water trickles on stones or during an appropriate massage.

Fragrances can be motivating, stimulating or relaxing. They have a quick effect, a tremendous impact on our well-being and no side effects. Our modern and absolutely silent scent machines are equipped with pure, natural, essential oils that create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in every part of the Wellness and Spa area of your hotel.



Car Dealers

The right fragrance in your showroom will create a unique atmosphere and much more trust in the company itself. The normal smell of rubber and new tires can easily be replaced by a classic and exclusive leather scent, or by other fresh and pleasant fragrances that make your customers feel good.

A scent of fresh spring grass e.g. can evoke the desire for a convertible and an elegant leather fragrance underlines the elegant, fully equipped luxury class of cars.

The exclusive ambiance in your showroom will be increased by the use of scents and your customers will rate your company and the cars on show in a much more positive way.


Electronic Markets

An important success factor is selling with all senses. Your customer is welcomed in the entrance area with visual as well as acoustic marketing, but there is no nice smell!

Just imagine the appetizing smell of freshly cooked coffee or cappuccino in the area of coffee machines. In the section where washing machines and dryers are sold, it could smell of fresh laundry.

A harmonic and relaxing scent in the area where CD’s and DVD’s are sold, will invite potential customer to stay longer en buy more.

In the rea of soda machines the tasty scent of Coke or a fruity orange will brings life into the refill section.

With a little effort and low costs you can highlight different product areas, increase customer loyalty and that will do wonders for your turnover!


Jewelry Stores

In jewelry store perfect lightning is of the utmost importance. It is fascinating to watch how the light is reflected in thousands of playful colors in the diamonds of precious jewelry and in the golden shine of high-quality watches.

But it is possible to add to this exclusive grace in your business by using subtle, equally exclusive fragrances. Then you appeal to another very important sense – the smell.

Distinguish your store from those of competitors by using elegant designer fragrances in the entrance area. In the sales area you can charm your customers with a gentle, subtle and exclusive feel-good fragrance. They will appreciate the exclusivity of your store, remember it and love to come back.


Fashion Boutique

Fashion and fragrance have always belonged together, as shown by important fashion designers like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Lagerfeld, Joop, Jill Sanders: they created their own perfumes. Nowadays fragrance is an indispensable part of fashion and is known as the ‘icing on the cake.’ A pleasant fragrance in a boutique or fashion store is just as essential as the attractive interior design, flattering light and pleasant music.

With exclusive fragrances it is possible to create scent-islands in the fashion area for women, men, children, sportswear, lingerie, etc. They will tremendously increase the exquisite image of the store itself and the shopping experience. Your customers will be brought into a much better buying mood, which will result in a higher turnover for you.

For your changing rooms we recommend our mobile and battery-powered air freshener. The available scents for this machine contain an integrated odor absorber for perspiration odor and ensure a pleasant scent at any time.

Scents can also be used to introduce the upcoming season. In February or March the new, colorful spring and summer collection can be accentuated with a gently scent of spring flowers. Inside your shop customers will forget about the cold outside and their mood will improve. They will feel comfortable and stay longer in your store than they may have planned. And a relaxed customer will buy more, of course!



Almost all well-known designers sell their label as license products for fashion, jewelry and perfume and very often also for spectacle frames.

Distinguish your store from your competitors’ by using designer-perfume-scents in the entrance area!

In the area where you advise your potential customers, you indulge them with a wellness scent. It will relax them with the result that they feel well and stay open to your advice.


Sport Shops

Most sports shops are very similar in range, layout and product presentation. All products have a modern design, trendy colors and every brand can be purchased almost anywhere. How can your shop still make a difference? With the use of our professional fragrances! By entering your store customer can really feel the energy and vitality that comes from your assortment.

By creating ‘scent islands’ you can lead your customers to the articles they are looking for. In the area with swimwear and bathing suits a pleasant smell of sun lotion will bring back memories of last year’s holiday. In the space of outdoor clothing, hiking and climbing you can smell fresh mountain pastures.

An energetic fragrance will motivate your customers to start working out, so they will purchase training gear. In the area of soccer shirts, caps and shoes the scent of fresh cut grass could create the image of being on a soccer field. The scent of leather in the area where balls are sold, will make your offer much more exclusive. In the area of power drinks ethereal oils will strength the feeling of health.

You will be interested to know that most of our scents contain a smell absorber. This ensures that odors of perspiration and of textile materials are not just covered by another fragrance, but are completely eliminated.



Shopping shouldn´t just be about buying goods, it should be an experience! Today the right scent at the right place is part of modern marketing and just as import as the variety of goods, friendly staff, a clear arrangement of the goods, pleasant lightning and music for the intended audience. The customer should feel good in the store, stay longer and buy more.

It is scientifically proven that most decisions of buyers are made spontaneously. If scent is used in different areas in the store, the fragrance will encourage customers to buy, because our brain will recognize smells.

The appetizing scent of coffee, fresh baked rolls or cakes the sweet and fresh scent of red strawberries will entice customers to get some or even some more. A sweet and tasty chocolate scent from the candy area will show the customers the way to it. A nice lemon scent in the delicatessen area indicates freshness.

In the cosmetics area carefully selected scents create positive feelings and memories. The scent of freshly baked pizza in the freezer area creates an Italian atmosphere, while the Asian note of freshly brewed green tea makes the section of tea products come alive.


Petrol Stations

Your customers come in to pay for their petrol, but you would like them to stay a bit longer and have a look around. They should not only pay for petrol, but feel comfortable enough to stay longer than originally planned. With the use OF our professional air fresheners and our fragrances this is easily possible.

When your customer enters your station, he could be welcomed with the tempting aroma of coffee or cappuccino. His typical reaction will ben: "A cup of coffee, that´s what I really need now." This coffee can be accompanied by a baguette, a newspaper and some sweets for the kids.

Without the smell of coffee your customer will only pay for his petrol. Coffee machines don’t produce a constant smell, but our air fresheners work constantly, day around, so you can seduce each of your customers with an appetizing scent. Take the opportunity!


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