Essential oils with antibacterial and antiviral effects

It has been extensively researched and scientifically proven that certain naturally pure essential oils have a germ-reducing, antiviral and antibacterial effect. Essential oils strengthen the immune system, health and also increase the joy of life! That`s why they boost the self-healing powers.

The facts: There are 5 germs in a cubic meter of forest air, 20.000 in a city office, 9 million in a carpet!

In order to reduce the density of pathogens in the room air, it is particularly important to control infectious germs and bacteria in the room air, especially in highly frequented rooms.

It is proven - if rooms are scented with appropriate essential oils (provided they are 100% pure essential oils), the pollution of the room air by bacteria, viruses and funguses drops drastically and they also create a pleasant atmosphere due to their natural smell.

Prof. Griffon, member of the French, pharmaceutical academy, has studied the disinfectant effect of essential oils on indoor air in studies: The vitality of the germs was determined before and after. After only 30 minutes, merely four of the originally 210 different bacteria could be detected, all molds and staphylococcal cultures have been destroyed. Proof from many that 100% pure essential oils are an excellent opportunity of disinfecting the air. (Source: Aroma

Our senior perfumer, Jens E. Reissmann from REIMA® AirConcept, created some essential oils with proven antibacterial, antiviral and even anti-fungal effects in scent compositions in our in-house laboratory.

These special, ethereal compositions are now included in the fragrance program and available for delivery.

... 131 Natural Power - tea tree, sage, lemon, rosemary oil
... 135 Dynamic Flow - eucalyptus, mint, orange, thyme
... 134 Living Mind – spruce-needle, pine, orange, lemongrass
... 133 Pure Harmony - Lavender, Orange, Lemon

... 386 Verbena - Verbena

Even multi-resistant germs are neutralized with the above-mentioned scents. But how does it work? For example, Antibiotics usually consist of only one substance, which are relatively easy for pathogens to overcome. In comparison, essential oils have a significantly more complex structure - often with more than 500 substances. Furthermore, they vary in their nature (season, time of harvest, climatic conditions, origin, ... etc). This complex and constantly new structure prevents germs from learning from them like antibiotics. Furthermore, the effects of influenza viruses have been tested, confirmed and proven.

With our state-of-the-art scent nebulizers from the AromaStreamer® series, the essential oils or compositions can be released into the room air in pure form and microfine nebulization according to the gentle principle of cold evaporation. This maintains the naturalness and mode of action of the oils.

Numerous international, scientific studies have confirmed the disinfectant effect of essential oils against bacteria and viruses.

In times of increased risk of infection, it is possible with our self-sufficient AromaStreamer® to protect you and your customer the best possible way and to significantly reduce the risk of transmission or infection.

You will find scientific evidence and facts in the following studies:

Germ reduction of bacteria and funguses in the hospital
Melissa officinalis oil against herpes simplex virus (HSV)
Antiviral activity of monoterpenes from essential oils
Essential oils against multi-resistant hospital germs

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